by James Kitson

© 1997 All Rights Reserved


Well, I have to admit Earth isn’t exactly a great vacation place. At least it hasn’t been for a long time. I guess that’s why I decided to come back here, as strange as that may sound. I guess I feel that Earth has potential, it’s condition and history leave it open for so much, but we just need to convince the old timers to come back and help teach the new souls. But that isn’t happening, now it’s time to recover the situation and make the Earth ready for teachers again.

First I suppose I should explain who I am and what this is all about. It is kind of strange, especially since this will probably be read by new souls who don’t have a concept of rebirth or the inter-realm.

I am an old soul, one who has existed for a long time, a length of time imperceptible to a species whose entire recorded existence makes up just the smallest portion of my lifetime. I have been known by a volume of names so large that a name as such is meaningless. I am not God or a god, nor do I posses any type of supernatural powers, right now I look as much like an average human being as anyone else you know, with the same general limitations. What I am is a rebuilder, I seek a challenge. I’ve spent eons of lifetimes as an imperceptible number of different species. I’ve been a centaur galloping under a greenish blue sky through a lush meadow on a planet whose galaxy can’t be seen from Earth. I’ve been birds, fish, energy beings, insects, reptiles and everything else. And though I have enjoyed my existence, and reveled in the new experiences, I still enjoy a challenge and that is why I am here now, as a human being on Earth.

You see, the universe wastes nothing, you’re sciences have already began to dive into the essence of these things. Matter is just a different form of energy, as is virtually everything that makes up existence, and as such everything that exists has always existed, if only in a different form. The universe also revels in diversity, everything that can be possible, exists somewhere within it’s realm, and even as I have seen a great deal of it, I have only seem the smallest portion of what exists out in the universe. My point though is that the universe seems to avoid wasting things, everything that exists has a purpose and thus does not fall apart. Now you’ll say that you’re physical world falls apart all the time, but that is only a portion of the story. The decay that you see, I see as rebirth. Only through the transformation of used up items can new things be formed. Finally, we come to the heart of the issue, sentience is perhaps one of the most unique and developed of the universes creations and as such it is not as limited as much of the rest of creation, especially when compared to the physical universe.

As I said I am an old soul, and I’m sure you wonder what I mean, unless you too are an old soul here for pleasure or for the challenge. You see, a soul is created at the conception of a new child of a sentient being where an old soul is not willing to reside. A new soul lives it’s life for the first time in the physical universe, and upon the death of it’s first physical form, it come to the inter-realm. Now the inter-realm is not an official name, as much as one could ever be created, but it is rather descriptive for what it is. The inter-realm is where souls reside when they are choosing not to exist within physical realm. A new soul is introduced to the inter-realm by a gatekeeper, an older soul who chooses to explain the whole thing to new souls. I have spent time as gatekeeper many times, it can be very enjoyable to explain the continued magnificence of existence to a new soul who comes thinking that life is over. It can also be quite aggravating when a new soul comes in with preconceived notions of the afterlife and becomes disappointed or despondent. I try to help as best I can but this is limited by the willingness of the new soul to face reality. The inter-realm is a non-corporeal environment, allowing a soul to interact with anyone else and even to create mini environments in which to interact. Even though the inter-realm is an interesting place, it does lack the consequence of physical existence, and after time it becomes boring and then it is time to be reborn.

Rebirth is the at the discretion of soul, you can become what ever is available. A soul can be born into whatever creature is being born at the time. Sometimes a soul must wait to be able to be born to a specific species, but usually this is not a problem and a soul merely attaches itself to the void in a new life form before a new soul is created to fill the void. The soul then is given the opportunity to live the full extent of it’s new physical form. However, the soul sacrifices it’s memories of past existence in it’s new form in most cases. Some rare species have the mental capacity to store a great deal of a souls memories, but most have little capacity for more than the personality of a soul. The soul does retain all of the memories, but it simply does not have a way to interact with them. Old souls are more apt to be able to compensate for this and gain access to their memories, such as I am able to do here, but it takes a length of time so great for a soul to be able to do this that it would be impossible for you to comprehend it.

Throughout the universe, most species draw a fair or large number of older souls, so much so that these species have developed philosophies incorporating their current existence with their future rebirths. However, some planets and species face such problems that older souls decide not to punish themselves by living under those conditions. Without the wisdom of old souls to help guide them, new souls are easily corrupted or develop self destructive systems and philosophies. Even facing this no species has ever been fully abandoned by older souls. Some old souls enjoy the conditions of these peoples, and some old souls looking for a challenge come to try and make these place welcome to all souls looking for rebirth.

And this brings me back to why I’m here, on Earth in the 1990′s. I am an old soul here to help spread wisdom and common sense into this poor little planet. Earth has always been rampant with it’s new souls, at least during the reign of humanity. This is mainly due to the fact that humanity is such a young species. Thus, not many old souls knew of Earth to make trips here and help build it up. Most planets had developed significant sentient species about the time that Earth was still ruled by the dinosaurs. It wasn’t until after the stellar bombardment of Earth brought the end of the dinosaurs did sentient beings begin to develop. I have been here only a few times before this lifetime. And while I enjoyed myself, and the human form is uniquely enjoyable in it’s ways, I saw the slighted potential of humanity and the Earth as a whole. It was after my last stint as a gatekeeper that I came to realize that Earth needed better than good wishes and I decided to come and begin working to save Earth from it’s new souls.

Earth has become overrun with new souls, and trouble making souls. While even the most well integrated species, with old and new souls, have their problems, Earth has become a hotbed of dissension and individual hostility. This is contrary to what most souls want, but without guiding influences to help, it is not hard to find no way to create a stable society based on mutual respect and attainment of goals both individually and societally. Most integrated societies have a good time with this, but Earth does not have this advantage. And even though I am here to help I alone can not do everything necessary to make the Earth something closer to the paradise I have always felt it could be. I need the help of new and young souls here that want a better world for themselves and their loved ones both now and for the future. I need their help to make this planet a place that will welcome reborn souls who could learn a lot from this place and the experience of a life here. It is a challenge, I know, even to believe any of this would probably be a strain for anyone reading this but I am ready for it. Though it may take a good long time, I have an eternity to be reborn here trying to help and if I can work with the rest of humanity we can make a world worthy of being a wonder of the universe and place we will all want to be our home.

The End