By James Kitson

© 2011 All Rights Reserved

Tamil ran his hands over the smooth flex metal shell of his life’s greatest work.  He smiled as appreciated the unique melding of artistry and mechanics that he had created.  It was so like a human, with two arms, two legs, and a round head, and yet it was a machine.  Still, it was more than a machine, it was a robot, and the first of it’s kind.

“So this is the machine?” Maxium asked as he stood at the edge of Tamil’s lab.  He had great dislike for the chaos and rubble that filled the lab, but today was a day like no other, and Maxium had to see his employee’s newest creation.

“Oh, it is so much more than that, Maxium!” Tamil shouted as he removed the last of the cables connecting the robot to the lab’s computers.  “Let me show you!”

“Yes, Tamil, please do.  I have many other important things to attend to if I am going to have the production line ready for these new toys of yours.” Maxium tapped his foot impatiently as he watched Tamil rush to finish his preparations.  Maxium had deadlines to meet, and much to do.  He detested the unorganized fashion that his workers employed to finish their work, and the scientists were the worst of the lot.

“Ah, but it isn’t a toy!  Just look at it, Maxium!  This is the beginning of a new era for mankind!” Tamil beamed as he pressed the final button.

For a moment the room held still as the two men waited.  Then the robot’s eyes opened, and it stood before them, ready for it’s first command.  Tamil was smiling, as would a man watching his son take his firsts steps.  Maxium smiled as well, as an eagle would before swooping upon a mouse.

The good cheer continued as Tamil showed his employer the wonders of the new machine.  They both watched with growing pleasure as the robot walked around the room.  Then Tamil showed how the robot could handle tools and work computers.  Tamil even allowed Maxium to command the robot and both smiled as it followed the orders perfectly.

“You see it don’t you, Maxium?  This robot can do all the work of man!  It can free all of us from the labors and toils of survival to explore the greater meaning of life!  With an army of these robots we will never have to worry about anything again!” Tamil exclaimed as he powered down the robot.  He had spent his entire life working for this day, to better mankind as no one else had before.  Now, he had done it, and it was only a matter of time before the long fevered dream of utopia was made real.

“Indeed, Tamil, now I must go and ready the factory.” Maxium beamed as he shook the hand of his scientist.  The robot was a wonder, and Maxium smiled as he thought of just what an army of them could do.


It was many months that Tamil waited for the grand day of the robot’s unveiling to the world.  Maxium had filled orders around the world, and the factory was expanded to construct the multitudes that were needed.  Tamil had stood over the assembly lines for days doing nothing more than watching as his robots were assembled.  Hundreds would fly past him in an afternoon, and he would marvel at the world they would create.

Now the day was upon the world.  The robots would be unveiled and a new era for humanity would begin.  Tamil rushed himself to the town square that day to see the dawn of this new day.  The townspeople had all gathered to see Maxium officially introduce the robots.  At that moment, around the world, they would step out and show all of humanity the new life that awaited them.

Maxium stood smiling at a simple podium and Tamil jumped up to take his place beside Maxium.

“This is a wonderful day, Maxium!” Tamil greeted as he stepped onto the podium.

“Indeed, Tamil.” Maxium turned and quickly surveyed the crowd.  “I think the time has come to show the world your robot.”

Tamil nodded his agreement and looked over the expectant faces gathered below him.  Maxium pulled out the controller for the robots and pressed in his commands before he stepped up to the microphone.

“People of the Earth, you have gathered around the world to watch this moment. I am not a man of many words, so I will let my new robots speak for me.” Maxium boomed as he held out his hands to the crowd.  The crowd was suddenly stunned, wondering what he had meant and turned to see the robots walking onto the stage and around the square.

Cries of alarm shook through the crowd as machines halted and pulled out weapons.  Tamil stood in shock as Maxium smiled wickedly.  Tamil took a step towards his employer but Maxium held out a hand to stop him before turning back to the microphone.

“A new day has dawned for mankind.  With these robots I will bring much needed order to this world.  No longer will there be the folly of chaotic and random lives.  With these robots I will help guide us to perfection, and to establish the structure we so greatly deserve!” Maxium shouted out to the crowd.  His words were echoed around a shocked planet, but there was no greater shock than in the man only a few feet away from the new emperor.  Tamil was too stunned by what he had seen to even move, and Maxium took the pause from his employee to speak.

“Without you work and invention we could never have reached this day, Tamil.  Thank you!”

As the robots led him away, Tamil couldn’t believe what he had done.  His own invention had been turned against him and now the robots he had worked so hard to create were taking him to meet his fate.

The End